RiskAssess for Food Tech now available

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RiskAssess for Food Tech now available

Post by Anna Z »

This just came through....... was not sure where I should have put it.

We have built and designed this new version of RiskAssess in collaboration with Food Tech assistants and teachers. It provides a customised risk assessment template and includes over 1,000 food items and more than 600 items of kitchen equipment. It can store and search recipes, and includes a scheduling system for bookings and communication between teachers and Food Tech assistants. It also has a labelling system built in, which has been designed for use in kitchens and pantries.

For more information on RiskAssess for Food Tech, please see:

If you or someone else at your school would like a free 2 week trial of RiskAssess for Food Tech, simply reply to this email with the name of your school.


James & Phillip
on behalf the RiskAssess Team
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Re: RiskAssess for Food Tech now available

Post by RosalieL »

Yes I got that email too! I did a trial as part of their testing (I do both food tech and science). Unfortunately only one of the teachers used it in the two weeks for 2 recipes. It looks great and I am hoping to get it approved in next year's budget or at the end of this year if there is money left.
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