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Re: data loggers

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Thanks for your replies! Merilyn, we won’t actually be buying any data logger interfaces. They will just be connecting directly to their ipads (that’s my aim, anyway!) I have been in contact with both companies. I guess it will come down to price and after sales service as has been mentioned.

Next question - are the books worthwhile getting? With the experiment suggestions? Do they line up with the current curriculum?

Thanks :)
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Re: data loggers

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The only book we have purchased was for the dynamics carts - $45. I bought it while I was working from home because I had no idea how the things worked and no one to help me. The book contained really easy instructions for the pracs. There were instructions for students and another set for teachers, also came with worksheets. It was in a electronic version and came with a file that could be given to students, so didn't have all the teacher cheat sheets. I used this book to put together a series of powerpoints for teachers. I've nicknamed them Physics for Biologists as it was the Bio teachers who were most keen to get some help.
I found the instructions really easy to follow so will be looking at some of their other books which I'll need to discuss with teachers. I think $45 to get a $1000 bit of equipment being used more was worth the money. We have so many probes sitting on shelves gathering dust because teachers aren't sure how to use them.
But, sorry, after all that blabbing, I can't comment at this stage about how the other books fit in with the curriculum.
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Re: data loggers

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With Pasco, the whole library is online, notes, pracs, templates everything :) check out the Pasco experimental library it's awesome for us.
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